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Why Upgrade?

With over 400+ million Zimbra open source-based email and collaboration software users worldwide, ensuring a proper Zimbra license and support can sometimes be overlooked by IT managers or business decision makers.

When it comes to mission-critical application like emails for business communication, companies put a lot cash in IT staff, servers hardware and data center infrastructure to see a stable result, however, the investment doesn’t always deliver the outcome due to the usage of using open source software without expert support.

Upgrade Zimbra Open Source to Network Edition

What Happens When No Support?

When Zimbra Open Source goes wrong, it can be incredibly frustrating. Trying to find the Zimbra email expert in Malaysia or the expertise you need, trying to work out what the problem is, searching for hours in our Wiki or external Blogs for documentation, even asking in forums and waiting for a reply while your system is down can become a really tricky situation from a business perspective.

License Zimbra Network Edition Email

Avoid Financial Losses

A failure of a critical application like email can lead to a few types of losses:

  • Loss of businesses – the impact of downtime varies with the nature of communication with potential customers.
  • Loss of data – the potential loss of email data due to unsupported system outage can have significant legal and financial impact.
  • Loss of productivity – the loss of email jeopardize internal departments and cross border communications and also putting production on hold.
License Zimbra Network Edition Email

Flexible Upgrade Path

License Zimbra Network Edition Email

Go from Open Source to Business Ready in 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1 – OSE Support (ZOSS)
    At the most basic level, you can choose to add OSE Support to your existing OSE.
  • Step 2 – Zimbra Suite Plus (ZSP)
    Or add 4 important modules to your OSE and buy OSE Support
  • Step 3 – Zimbra Network Edition (NE)
    Finally, go all the way out for a full blown powerful Zimbra Network Edition with Support from the Experts.
  • A Bonus Extra Step – Zimbra Professional Services (PS)
    With the Zimbra upgrade above, your Zimbra Open Source Edition now gets the same level of reliable technical support as for our Network Edition and at any point of these steps.

Why Pay When It Is Freely Available?

But if OSE is free, what exactly am I paying for when I subscribe to support or Network Edition licenses?

Perhaps you, or anyone in your company, doesn’t have enough expertise. There may be legal, contractual or organizational requirements to have formal, external support in place, especially at the university or government level. It may be that you simply want reassurance if and when the worst happens.

License Zimbra Network Edition Email

Here what happens and what you get when you go for paid subscription support licenses :

Enterprise-Grade Support If your company uses Zimbra Open Source Edition then you’ll probably need someone to provide support when the software doesn’t work as expected. Now you get Zimbra Experts to support!

Access to New Features Paying a subscription in Network Edition (NE) is that it give you access to more powerful features and modules, This is clearly not possible if you simply download and run the OSE.

Contribute to the Software While the community contribute back to the Open Source movement, as paying customers, businesses also contributing indirectly to development and stability of the software.


License Zimbra Network Edition Email

Why Upgrade with Cloudhappen

At Cloudhappen, as Malaysia Zimbra Authorized Partner, we offer consultancy and recommendation path depending on your organization resources and needs to upgrade your Open Source Edition.

License Zimbra Network Edition Email

About Cloudhappen – A Zimbra Expert Company in Malaysia

Cloudhappen is a partner of Zimbra in Malaysia and also ASEAN region. We provide clearly defined Zimbra Professional Services for all Zimbra needs and also ZImbra Licenses renewal services.

Our team consist of Zimbra Certified Professional, Zimbra Certified Sales Consultant and also Zimbra Trainers with years of experience servicing and supporting Zimbra clients in this region.

Why Upgrade to Zimbra Network Edition

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