Not All Email Systems Are Created Equal

There are standalone email softwares for few hundred accounts and there are emails solutions engineered to handle millions and millions of email accounts.

Highly Scalable Email Infrastructure

A scalable email infrastructure takes a lot of thought, testing, and planning. The thought of scaling your email from thousands of emails a day to hundreds of millions per day can be daunting and challenging. By leveraging on Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) enterprise grade email features, secure and large email deployments are delivered through multiple server architecture that can support a large number of users over a wide geographical area.

We Do BIG Emails Setup

Cloudhappen knows how to architect and scale an email service that grows with its customer base. Our years of experience in handling large scale email setup has allow us to gain insightful knowledge and modularized our approach.

The Building Blocks

Let’s look at the building blocks of our architecture to build highly scalable enterprise email of very high performance.

Virtualization Architecture

Based on hypervisors virtualization architecture, virtualized environment isolates operating systems and email system from the underlying hardware in order to run multiple virtual machines.

Scalable Email Design

Architecture that is designed to scale in a multi-tier, multi-server environment and with other well-honed distributed systems techniques like clustering, partitioning, automated replication and load balancing.

High Availability Infrastructure

High availability functions as a failure response mechanism for infrastructure so that systems are durable and likely to operate continuously without failure by having mirroring infrastructures taking control.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are integral parts of risk management to provide detailed strategies on how the business will continue after severe interruptions and disasters.

Hybrid Email Interoperability

Environment of email systems co-exist and interoperate for migrating mailboxes over a period of time for the same email domain, where mail needs to be delivered to two or more different messaging systems.

Why We Are Different

While traditional and general hosting companies provides email services based on standalone software installation, Cloudhappen is born with the DNA of scaling emails for larger requirement of ISP, Telcos and Governments in ASEAN countries.

Although Cloudhappen provides general hosting and email services, our experience in building large scale email has helped our clients create more opportunities and cost savings.

Proud to serve customers across ASEAN and various industries.

We love the opportunity to assist companies on its quest have
Enterprise Grade Email and Web Deployment as part of their mission-critical infrastructures

Join and grow with us today.

About Cloudhappen – A Zimbra Expert Company in Malaysia

Cloudhappen is a partner of Zimbra in Malaysia and also ASEAN region. We provide clearly defined Zimbra Professional Services for all Zimbra needs and also Zimbra Licenses renewal services.

Our team consist of Zimbra Certified Professional, Zimbra Certified Sales Consultant and also Zimbra Trainers with years of experience servicing and supporting Zimbra clients in this region.

Cloudhappen approach to building large scale email systems :

  • Virtualization Architecture
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Scalable Email Design
  • Hybrid Email Interoperability

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