Hybrid Email Interoperability

Not all businesses are the same and in world of convergence, interoperability is necessary in some organizations to share an email domain between two distinct email systems.

What is Email Interoperability

Environment of email systems co-exist and interoperate for migrating mailboxes over a period of time for the same email domain, where mail needs to be delivered to two or more different messaging systems. We are often asked how to configure the Zimbra Collaboration Server so that some accounts are moved/migrated to Zimbra but other accounts continue to live on the existing mail system.

Zimbra Enterprise Email

Hybrid email interoperability or co-existence is possible if the other mail system offers some of the mail routing features that Zimbra offers. Zimbra Split Domain configuration which email delivery provides for email users in a single domain to reside on different email providers and allows for incremental migrations from a legacy provider to a new platform. During the migration process, one system is designated as the “primary” mail store and is responsible for receiving and routing mail for the domain (mydomain.com). The other system is considered the “secondary” mail store.

Zimbra Enterprise Email


Cross platform compatibility features provided in Zimbra email solutions :

Zimbra ActiveSync

Zimbra’s new Mobile module allows you to synchronize your Zimbra mailbox and shared folders on any ActiveSync device without any additional or third-party client.

Outlook Plugin

Zimbra Network Edition offers access to the Outlook Plugin. With the plugin you get all the same functionality as exchange within Outlook to manage your accounts is much easier.

Free/busy Provider Framework

The Zimbra server can pull the free/busy schedule of a user on Exchange, and also push the free/busy schedule of a Zimbra user to the Exchange server.

Split Domain

Split Domain enables sharing of the same SMTP between two or more different email systems. Users in each email system can have the same domain suffix in their email addresses.

Our Approach

Cloudhappen approach to building large scale email systems consists of these elements working together one way or another :

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