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Virtualization Architecture

Virtualization Architecture for Email Scalability to be specific. Thats what we, the Malaysia Zimbra Expert Company do.

What is Virtualization

The days of putting together dedicated servers and switches in data center and wrestling with complex hardware, software and data integration are waning fast. Convergence is here in the form of hyper-converged and converged IT infrastructures.

Cloudhappen has a deep understanding and expertise on these modern technologies to build scalable but cost effective large scale email systems.

Zimbra Highly Scalable Email Infrastructure

Based on hypervisors virtualization architecture, virtualized environment isolates operating systems and Cloudhappen enterprise email system from the underlying computer hardware so the host machine can run multiple virtual machines (VM) as guests that share the system’s physical compute resources, such as processor cycles, memory space, network bandwidth and so on.

Zimbra Highly Scalable Email Infrastructure


These creates a landscape of Virtual Machines for Zimbra Multi Server architecture to fully leverage on and the benefits for your email system are clear.

Foundation of Scale

With Converged or Hyper Converged Infrastructure, we build email systems with a building-block approach that can be easily expand.

Future Proof Your Investment

Hypervisors are part of the future. We design your email virtualization architecture that can stand on its own for years to come.

Single Point of Control

Holistically manage physical and virtual resources, network devices and applications from one single point of control.

Financial Savings

Offers streamlined acquisition, deployment, management of the solution, which increases profitability and reduces overall cost.

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