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When clouds forms, they are created out of invisible water vapour that condenses into visible formations.

A cloud is composed of water droplets, ice crystals and particles. They are different things that comes together to create a cloud. Each element adds something unique to the mix and is vital to the process.

That is the story of a cloud and also the story of our business as 3 very different people shares the same vision to achieve something bigger than they can alone.

That is why we are called Cloudhappen, a company that embraces our uniqueness, and the strength that individuality brings when it comes together with a single goal.

A story of the idea that nobody can achieve success by themselves. Read Our Story

Cloudhappen - Malaysia Cloud and Email Company
About Cloudhappen


Cloudhappen is a technology group providing behind the scene expertise in enterprise grade email through the powerful Zimbra Email email software and Linux Infrastructure from cloud servers to WordPress Platform deployment.

Our team consist of highly trained Zimbra and Linux Certified Professionals and Website Expert Specialist providing solid and real technology infrastructure to support modern business at the hosting and server level and online presences through the best utilization of Website Platform and Security tools to protect its online entities.

Cloudhappen is the Authorised Partner of Zimbra as both Value Added Reseller and Business Service Provider. Our superior strength in Zimbra knowledge made us one of the main Zimbra partner in Asia Pacific Region.


Cloudhappen - Zimbra Business Service Provider
Cloudhappen - Zimbra Authorized Value Added Reseller
Cloudhappen - Linux and WordPress Expert


Founded by Yeak, Kevin and Tommy, it is a relationship started in the 2000 eras unbeknownst to them their chemistry is forming to be a formidable cloud of the future.

Our Story - Tommy Co-Founder of Cloudhappen


As an IT consultant, Tommy was tasked to engaged the best web companies to take care of his clients online needs. That was how he got acquainted to Kevin and Yeak as business associates in the early days of 2000s. Little did he know, their constant meeting and battle at his customer’s meeting room forms the seed of the group.

Our Story - Tommy & Kevin Business Associates Meeting
Our Story - Kevin Co-Founder of Cloudhappen


Runs a website design agency with a young but experienced team. Kevin’s goal is to build a hosting and email company to support his existing clients better and a strong team is needed to drive this vision. Tommy was roped in to share the vision at local cafe one late afternoon.

Our Story - Kevin Share Idea with Tommy on Cloudhappen
Our Story - Yeak Co-Founder of Cloudhappen


Meanwhile, Yeak built his email company into a specialized email solutions expert. As a technical person, he understand the importance to pass on his knowledge and to work with partners grow the business further. One day he got a phone call from Tommy and they went to Kevin’s office to share ideas.

Our Story - Kevin, Yeak & Tommy Meet to Share Ideas on Cloudhappen

And then it happened.

The next day, the 3 of them when to their nearest gym and throw out ideas about the vision while on treadmills. Then they went to a serious dinner talk at popular but quiet local franchise restaurant.

Like any relationship, the bond and trust between the 3 took years to build, talking all day, drinking and dinners, learning who each other really are and eventually they moved in to one same office.

The strong bond formed over those years forms the basis of Cloudhappen, the idea that together we are stronger to build the best infrastructure company that our customers can depend on.

Our Story - Co-Founder of Cloudhappen on Threadmill

Our Story - Cloudhappen is Founded


Cloudhappen is proud to work along side with its valuable team throughout the years.
Meet the team that forms our Cloud.

Cloudhappen - Zimbra Enterprise - Malaysia Email Provider


Cloudhappen - Zimbra Enterprise - Malaysia Email Provider

Investor Relation

Cloudhappen - Zimbra Enterprise - Malaysia Email Provider

Sales Director

Cloudhappen - Zimbra Enterprise - Malaysia Email Provider

Marketing Manager

Cloudhappen - Zimbra Enterprise - Malaysia Email Provider

Account Manager

Cloudhappen - Zimbra Enterprise - Malaysia Email Provider

Technical Lead

Malaysia’s Zimbra Email Expert Company

Our Mission To help enterprise and SME businesses gain advantage from the right technology for the modern online world.

The Vision Our vision is to build a positive culture focused group of approachable technology companies, to help our customers grow within the digital world, building shareholder value by making Cloudhappen a sustainable and forward-thinking group of technology companies.

ASEAN Email & Cloud Infrastructure Company

Proud to serve customers across ASEAN and various industries.

We love the opportunity to assist companies on its quest to have
Enterprise Grade Email and Web Deployment as part of their mission-critical infrastructures

Telco Brunei
Telco Taiwan
Malaysia Sarawak State Government
Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Perak
Sin Chew Daily
Guang Ming Daily
Malaysia China Press
Hotel Equatorial

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Cloudhappen Global Sdn Bhd is private company that is registered in the Commonwealth of Malaysia.

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