01. // Zimbra: Secure Private Business Email & Collaboration

Zimbra Solved It All : Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty

Our company is in the telecommunications industry with a head count of 3,500 to 10,000 employees globally.

We use Zimbra Collaboration on a daily basis to send and receive emails among each other, suppliers and customers. Zimbra has turned out to be a very useful and efficient application when it comes to communications and the best part is that it is very secured.

Each employee has their respective corporate email account which is for both personal and exclusive use to receive confidential and sensitive customer information.

Our email servers are setup on premise and this allows us to have full control over the servers and environment. As a result our email account can’t be abruptly suspended.

Above all, we can take and restore backups according to requirements anytime, and this is helpful in case we need to maintain certain compliance according to Government policies.

Java Development

We’re committed to building sustainable and high-quality Java solutions.

PHP Development

We’re committed to building sustainable and high-quality PHP solutions.

Modern Responsive UI

Users move seamlessly between desktop, mobile and tablet browsers with a consistent email and collaboration experience.

Customize Branding

Supports branding and customization of colors, fonts, logos, external site navigation, and themes, across many devices.


Designed for extensibility & features best- in-class, out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, Dropbox and Zoom, with many more underway.

02. // Professional Services

We Are Ready To Upgrade and Tune Your Zimbra

Is your Zimbra deployment running in an optimal and secure state?

In this Tuning service, a Zimbra Certified Professional will help you collect statistics, user profiles and usage data, as well
 as review your current configuration. We will review your architecture, mail flow, configuration and system/storage layout to ensure that your organization has the right balance for the optimal Zimbra implementation. You will receive a report and workshop with recommendations and necessary changes to make sure your Zimbra system is configured and running optimally for your needs.

The Tuning service may include, but is not limited to:

  • Log files and diagnostic tool output
  • Administrative access review
  • Peak Usage (time-lines)
  • Active and Concurrent user ratios
  • Protocol use by percent: IMAP/ActiveSync/SOAP etc.
  • Database sizes by MBS
  • Mailbox sizes
  • Message and attachment sizes
  • ZCS component network port configuration
  • OS version and patch verification
  • Calendar activity
  • Existing system and storage architecture details

Do you have the latest features, capabilities and security enhancements for your Zimbra deployment?

This quick Upgrade Service from Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 or older to the latest version of Zimbra (8.8 or 9) is delivered by our experienced Zimbra Professionals. Get expert advice and step-by-step assistance for a complete upgrade.

This service is designed to:

  • Review and assess your current environment and provide a specific upgrade strategy and plan for your deployment to minimize the impact on your users
  • Educate you about any new Zimbra features that you may want to activate as part of the upgrade
  • Upgrade your Zimbra software
  • Validate and verify that the upgraded environment is configured and working properly and that all current Zimbra security patches are applied to protect your data
  • Provide a final debrief with recommendations on maintaining and supporting your updated Zimbra environment

Ensure optimal performance and plan for future capacity

Zimbra Certified Professionals will provide a comprehensive performance and capacity plan and validation for your Zimbra Collaboration implementation.

  • Full discovery and exploration of the current or targeted usage profile
  • Gather existing mail server metrics information
  • Produce a targeted usage and load profile
  • Determine the list of performance metrics to be measured and analyzed under target loads such as hardware and network utilization, SOAP requests and messaging throughput
  • Performance and load testing based on your goals
03. // Zimbra Features

Anytime … Anywhere … Any Device

Deploy On-prem … Public or Private Cloud … 
SaaS from Malaysia’s Zimbra service provider, CLOUDHAPPEN!

Modern, Responsive UI
Modern, Responsive UI

Zimbra 9 introduces a modern, responsive user interface based on industry-leading React technology. Users can move seamlessly between desktop, mobile and tablet browsers while enjoying a consistent and easy-to-use email and collaboration experience. And just like you expect, you can customize the UI for your organization’s colors, fonts, logos and more.

New Zimlet Framework = Customizable
New Zimlet Framework = Customizable

Zimbra 9’s new Zimlet framework gives you the power to customize your deployment from high-end collaboration to simple business email. Customers across a range of regions and market sectors can easily customize Zimbra to meet their unique geographic or industry requirements. For Zimbra administrators, deployment and enablement continues to behave as it did in the past. Documentation and training will be available.

Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty
Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty

Zimbra 9 has the dependable server infrastructure that provides the security, privacy and data sovereignty Zimbra customers have come to expect, and in many cases, require.

Zimbra Drive
Zimbra Drive

Complete file sync, sharing & storage system right in the Zimbra Web Client. Integrated with Zimbra Docs, Zimbra Drive replaces the old “Briefcase”.

3rd Party Integrations = Extensibility
3rd Party Integrations = Extensibility

Zimbra 9 is designed for extensibility and features best-in-class, out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, Dropbox and Zoom, with many more integrations underway. Zimbra is fully committed to creating a collaboration ecosystem that allows small businesses, enterprises and other organizations to utilize services they use day-to-day instead of being forced to use or pay for services they don’t use. Break free from the closed systems of Microsoft and Google and use the apps that you have already invested in.

Easy Upgrade, No Migration Needed!
Easy Upgrade, No Migration Needed!

Expect an easy upgrade process moving to Zimbra 9 — with no data migration. Zimbra will provide the documentation, tools and Professional Services to support the upgrade process. And just like always, Zimbra can be deployed on- premises, in public or private clouds or as a hosted service from Zimbra service providers in your own country.

Classic UI
Classic UI

Users can seamlessly toggle between Zimbra 9’s Modern UI and the Classic Zimbra UI to ease adoption and minimize help desk calls. The toggle will be available at login and in Zimbra Preferences.

Zimbra Docs
Zimbra Docs

With Zimbra Docs, users can create and collaborate using documents, spreadsheets and presentations right inside the Zimbra Web Client.

Zimbra Connect
Zimbra Connect

Enterprise-level chat and video calls built right into Zimbra, the communication tool your users use the most. Installation is simple with Zimbra Network Edition. Per-user-licenses include 1:1 and group chat, group and channel video calls, file sharing and screen sharing.

Mobile Sync
Mobile Sync

What’s new about Zimbra’s mobile sync functionality? Users can now sync their shared Zimbra items along with all of their other Zimbra data. Using Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which is natively supported by the majority of mobile devices, your data will always be at your fingertips.

Basic Plan

$ 129.99

Monthly Package
  • Web Counsulting
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Machine and Deep Learning
  • Data Quality Management
  • Security Management
Choose Plane

Economy Plan

$ 159.99

Monthly Package
  • Web Counsulting
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Machine and Deep Learning
  • Data Quality Management
  • Security Management
Choose Plane

Premium Plan

$ 189.99

Monthly Package
  • Web Counsulting
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Machine and Deep Learning
  • Data Quality Management
  • Security Management
Choose Plane

Zimbra Cloud

Hassle free Zimbra email for immediate deployment for your business without the need to worry about server maintenance and operational cost.

Zimbra Cloud … email plus all your favorite apps and functionality. Everything you need is built-in OR launch Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, Webex +++. All just one click away!


Government customers
million mailboxes
04. // Zimbra Collaboration Editions

Compare Zimbra Collaboration Editions

Zimbra is available in two product Editions: Zimbra Open Source Edition and Zimbra Network Edition. Zimbra Network Edition is available for on-premises deployment in Professional and Standard Editions.

  • Professional Edition
  • Standard Edition
Professional EditionStandard Edition
Call : +6016-360 6983
Call : +6016-360 6983
Sharing Folders and Files
Zimbra Connect
Outlook for Windows (MAPI)
Zimbra Mobile (ActiveSync)
Server Administration
Domain Management & Customization
Custom Retention Policies
Litigation Hold
Archiving & Discovery
Shared Items Sync on Zimbra Mobile
ActiveSync Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ)
ActiveSync Mobile Device Policy Mngt.
Call NowCall Now

For full comparison chart you may refer to Zimbra Network Edition Comparison.

Zimbra Training

Designed to Expand & Sharpen Your Technical Skills

Designed to expand your Zimbra Collaboration skills, you can find the System Administration, Troubleshooting and Help Desk Agents Courses. These courses will be deliver by our highly trained Zimbra Certified Professional.

05. // Zimbra in Government

Too Paranoid? or... NOT Paranoid Enough?

Data privacy and security are vital concerns for governments as evidenced by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Zimbra provides the privacy, security and data sovereignty you need for peace of mind.

Why Zimbra?

Government departments have extra challenges to overcome when choosing an email solution. One of the greatest is keeping data secure and private. Zimbra email collaboration platform has been successfully allaying these concerns for government departments since 2007.

  • Zimbra provides government customers with enterprise-level security and privacy to meet increasing regulatory pressures.
  • Zimbra is deployable in-country through a large network of hosting partners to ensure data sovereignty.
  • Provides cutting-edge collaboration functionality … all delivered via elegant, seamlessly integrated tools, anywhere, anytime.
Open Source = Visibility & Transparency
Open Source = Visibility & Transparency

Zimbra is the leading provider of open source email collaboration software in the world. This is increasingly important for countries mandating access to source code, such as India, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

Zimbra’s open source solution also allows our customers to perform code reviews and security audits of the Zimbra source code. Several Brazilian government agencies selected Zimbra to meet the mandate that all communications be open to audit: The Ministry of Technology, Telebras and the Superior Tribunal Militar.

Lowest TCO
Lowest TCO

Zimbra’s lower overall cost and TCO are important factors for government institutions. AFIP, a taxation authority in Argentina, chose Zimbra. AFIP uses Zimbra’s Network Edition for their employees and Zimbra’s Free Open Source Edition for Argentinian businesses that cannot afford their own email infrastructure. This provides faster, streamlined services for AFIP and their customers.

Brazil’s Ministry of Culture recently moved from Microsoft Exchange to Zimbra to lower their TCO.


Zimbra’s extensibility is vital to the success of government institutions such as La Poste, the French postal system. Zimbra offers opportunities to customize and integrate additional services into the La Poste email platform.

Some additional examples of government organizations using Zimbra’s extensibility features include:
• The Brazilian Superior Tribunal Militar uses Zimbra to satisfy their requirement for customized 2-Factor Authentication for military personnel.
• The Court of Audit in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany integrated Zimbra and own Cloud for document collaboration.

Your organization’s developers can use Zimbra’s OPEN APIs and Zimlet framework to tightly integrate Zimbra into your IT infrastructure and line-of business applications.

Security & Privacy
Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are crucial requirements for government organizations. Zimbra deployments are done in-country, whether hosted in the Cloud or on-premises. Data is private and never leaves the host country.

The Court of Audit in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany chose Zimbra to connect to an existing private cloud infrastructure. This enabled their users to work collaboratively in a secure environment.

Some features Zimbra government customers use include: secure communication via TLS and HTTPs, Smart Card authentication for MS Outlook and integration with several single sign-on solutions and popular AV/AS solutions.

06. // Zimbra Pricing Model

Zimbra offers 2 types of licensing model and also support renewal licenses.

This allows you to adjust easily as your business expands to increase collaboration functionality or add more seats to your deployment quickly. You can view the Zimbra edition comparison here:

Subscription License

One and two-year term subscriptions are available with multi-year subscription discounts. For the duration of the subscription, customers are entitled to major and minor release updates and Zimbra Premier Support, portal access and more. This is the best hassle-free solution to ensure your Zimbra is supported and trouble-free by Zimbra itself.

Perpetual License

This is a permanent software license purchase and requires a 1-year support agreement at the time of purchase to enjoy 1 year of major and minor release updates and portal access. After that, customer can choose to upgrade at later years, however the cost of yearly support will be calculated from the first year of purchase up to the current year plus 20% reinstatement fees.