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Zimbra Overview

A Zimbra Collaboration Suite is perfect for large businesses with large number of users like ISPs, governments, councils, banks, colleges, and large user groups such as real estate agents or national organizations due to its scalability, modularize, privatized and stable Linux environment.

Zimbra can be deployed on both physical dedicated server or virtual machines.

Visit Zimbra official website for more information.

About Cloudhappen Zimbra

Looking to tightly integrate Zimbra into your existing IT infrastructure and back-office business applications? We are Zimbra’s Value Added Resellers and provide deployment services of Zimbra into your secure & private datacenter.

Cloudhappen offers the widest range of Zimbra Services :

Zimbra Editions & Comparison

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Zimbra License & Pricing Model

Zimbra offers 2 types of licensing model and also support renewal licenses.​ This allows you to adjust easily as your business expands to increase collaboration functionality or add more seats to your deployment quickly. You can also download the Zimbra edition comparison here:
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Zimbra FAQs & Downloads

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Zimbra In The Worldwide Government Market

Zimbra is the leading provider of open source email collaboration software in the world. This is increasingly important for countries mandating access to source code, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, etc.
  • Open source code meets government visibility mandates.
  • Security ensures government data is private and remains in-country.
  • Extensibility enables government-required customizations.
  • Lowest TCO in the industry.
  • Anytime, anywhere, on any device + policy settings to control how and when data is downloaded.
Download Zimbra Collaboration In Government Summary :

Activate OSE to NE

With over 400+ million Zimbra open source-based email and collaboration software users worldwide, ensuring a proper Zimbra license and support can sometimes be overlooked by IT managers or business decision-makers.

Convert your Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE) to Business Ready Program :

  • Get Supported by Experts.
  • Access To New Features.
  • Avoid Business Losses.

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