Zimbra offers 2 types of licensing model and also support renewal licenses

In order to use Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Business have two choice of Zimbra License. Either a subscription or perpetual license from a Zimbra Value Added Reseller (VAR). Thus Zimbra licensing model is mostly suitable for companies looking for traditional on-premises hosted solution. In addition to data sovereignty, privacy and low TCO (total cost of ownership).

Business looking for a complete solution. Including managing, hosting and using Zimbra Email As A service. Can go through a Zimbra Hosted or Zimbra Cloud partner. In addition of enjoying all Zimbra Collaboration features.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Pricing

Zimbra License are sold in bundle of 25 user mailboxes. Starting from RM80.00 per user per year. In other words RM2,000.00 per 25 user bundle per year. Depending on the licensing option and edition. Zimbra Pricing work in tier and will be cheaper when user increase. Furthermore customers may also mix and match between Professional and Standard Edition. For example a company need 115 user mailboxes. 15 management team uses Professional Edition and 100 employee uses Standard Edition. In this scenario the company will have to buy a 25 bundle license for Professional Edition. Together with 100 bundle license of Standard Edition. 

After buying any Zimbra License, either subscription or perpetual. Customer will have access to Zimbra’s Portal with Standard or Premier Support. Including any major and minor release updates. In addition supported by Zimbra itself.

Zimbra Licensing Option

Subscription License

Is available in one or two year term with multi-year discount. The license is renew every year based on the day of purchase. However, customer that do not renew will lose the right to use the software.

Perpetual License

Is a permanent software license purchase for the major release version. In addition to the license cost. A first-year term support agreement is required at the time of purchase. To avoid loss of support service and software assurance. Customer should renew on or before the anniversary date of purchase.

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