The Problem

Data losses are common problem caused by system or hardware failure on servers, computers, network attached storage (NAS) etc. An iSCIS was configured on a Synology NAS device and Initiated trough Windows Server 2008 for file sharing with an accumulated data of more than 4TB.

A hard disk failure was detected on RAID 5 configuration and the immediate resolution was to replace the failed hard disk. However, after replacement and running a RAID repair the volume went into a crash status. When a crash status happens all volume will not be accessible. Although there was a schedule backup it is still critical for the company to restore the crash volume to retrieve the latest data if there is any.

Approach & Results

To rectify the problem a Synology NAS was used to temporary replace Windows Server 2008 for file sharing. The objective was to ensure data can still be recovered from the iSCSI crashed volume without further damaging the system architecture.

  1. SSH service was enable for the engineers to remotely login to verify the iSCSI structure was intact.
  2. Within the SSH command we are able to see that the data is still intact as “/volume1/@iSCSI” and we will have to backup this data to another external storage.
  3. Enabled rsync service to backup the data from Synology NAS. After the data was copied to another Synology NAS our engineers where able to access to the iSCSI Volume.
The entire data recovery process took about 3 days to complete from replacing the hard disk, checking for data integrity and reconfiguring Synology NAS.
November, 2020
IEV Group