The Problem

Located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor The Tooth Dr Clinic was first opened in 2009 providing general and cosmetic dentistry. Customer care and support is always the top priority of The Toothdr Clinic and knows that patients record are to be backup and managed properly. Data was initially backup to an external hard drive manually and the risk of a data loose is still high looking at the possibility of a single drive failure, misplacing an external hard drive and missed a backup task.

Approach & Results

As the nature of the business does not require mission critical data, a simple and yet affective approach was by providing and using.

  1. Backup location over the cloud on another Synology device.
  2. Utilizing Hyper Backup on target unit.
  3. Installing Synology Drive Client desktop utilities on source computer. 
  4. Configuring Synology Drive Client Sync Task or Backup Task on source computer.

An unexpected hard disk failure happen on the application server and we where able to restore from the latest backup. The procedure was to perform an OS restore to the new hard disk, reinstall the application software and restore all the data that was backup by using Synology Drive Client desktop utilities. All restored data was up to date since Hyper Backup is able to perform daily schedule backup.

February 20, 2021