About Tiong Nam

Tiong Nam is Malaysia’s leading logistics service provider founded in 1975 with more than 3,000 employees and 38 mission-critical sites nationwide. Tiong Nam is one of the largest logistics service providers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Embracing integration has been key to their success. It has enabled the company to grow from a transportation business to a total logistics solutions provider. Their services include warehousing, customs brokerage, cold room facilities, express delivery as well as crane and heavy transport services – all of which requires secure communication.


In a fast-paced and intensely data-oriented environment, moving data and numbers in a digital network can be risky for logistics companies

An agile, mobile and secured communication solution

Secure connection is crucial to all aspects of the supply chain especially when it involves international cargo. Tiong Nam needed for their communication tool to be agile, mobile and secure.

Tiong Nam was previously using EXIM without any security features and instruments. Secured protocols and encryption were not in place for sending and receiving emails.

To keep up with the evolving global economy and establish an effective communication culture, Tiong Nam saw a growing demand for security and enhanced features for email collaboration. It was essential for their next communication solution to integrate with the organisation’s existing systems with ease and value.

Why Zimbra

To address the growing need for security and collaboration, Tiong Nam was evaluating multiple email platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365. 

Tiong Nam wanted full control over their logistics data. They needed to know what data is being stored and how it is stored. Zimbra’s on-premise solution and its competitive pricing were a perfect match to its organisation needs.

With Zimbra’s open-core version vision, everything is transparent to Tiong Nam. 

Knowing what goes into the software delivered and incorporated into their own applications helps the organisation to prepare and protect their supply chain from data threats. This is something that no other SaaS-based close-source solutions can provide. 

Zimbra’s open core provides the flexibility of integration with third-party tools.

Tiong Nam is currently using Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. These unified communication tools could easily be integrated with Zimbra’s flexible extension framework. As such, Tiong Nam sees that Zimbra has a better ROI against other cloud solutions.  

Zimbra Deployment

Zimbra’s open-core email collaboration solution was successfully deployed with our partner – Cloudhappen for about 2500 mailboxes. Tiong Nam is considering deploying more features, such as Zimlets as part of their collaboration roadmap.

Values and Benefits from Zimbra deployed solution

The adoption of mobile access to the user’s mailbox with high level of data security allows Tiong Nam to significant increase of user productivity with mobility. Remotely managing devices allows them to wipe data in case the user loses his/her device. Data security and sovereignty have helped Tiong Nam with legal compliance.

January, 2022
Tiong Nam