The Problem

Trinity Malaysia is a representative of Trinity College London that provide Language and Drama & Speech examination locally throughout Malaysia. Various events and activities are hosted including awards and concerts, professional support seminars and workshops, complement the face to face examinations, which are held several times a year for Music and Drama & Speech as well as English Language. The company was already using Synology BUSINESS FILE SERVER daily to share files locally in the office and when announcement was made on the first MCO in Malaysia a solution was needed to get everyone to work from home (WFH).

Approach & Results

The company was already using Synology DS1517+ on-premise and the task of enabling everyone working from home was much easier when data are needed to be access back at the office. Since the unit is cloud ready implementation wasn’t difficult. The immediate task was to ensure all software are up to date, QuickConnect, External Access and Security was in place and configured. Install Synology Drive Server in the Package Centre and enable Team Folders accessible through any web browser.

The problem was quickly resolved within a short period of time and a long term solution was in placed following the impact of Covid-19 where work from home is the new normal. With build in features such ransomware protection and backup, data are well protected when remote access is required.

July 20, 2020
Trinity Malaysia