The Problem

IEV is a company that provide expert asset integrity management and technologies to oil & gas related industries. EMAIL COMMUNICATION being the most important communication tools possess major challenges running it on-premise. With business and subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and India communication was vital and there are various issues that the company faced such as instability of the ISP, network & security, power & equipment failure during critical time, undelivered Email due to DNS and SPAM. The cost of hosting Microsoft Exchange 2013 was no longer competitive and it was crucial for the company to establish a secure and reliable Email Solution.

Approach & Results

As the company doesn’t have a dedicated engineer, an external IT consultant was engaged to spear head the project from sourcing to proposing a reliable and secure Email system to address the current issue. Cloudhappen was given the task to come out with the Proof Of Concept (POC) within 2 weeks for evaluation. The immediate task was to launch a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) on a private cloud to run Zimbra Cloud free trial for 30 days.

After migrating more than 200 users to Zimbra Cloud the results are phenomenal. Liew, HR Manager, said, “The main benefits from using Zimbra Cloud is very clear, much less support are needed as we can reduce the overhead of employing additional IT Engineers. The reduced in TCO takes in to account the licensing cost, hardware and power consumption plus the advantage of a more secure platform as Zimbra flexible deployment options ensure that your data is safe in your data centre (on-premises) or via a private or public cloud-based service.

Couple with the integration of a 3rd party Antispam and Advance Treat Protection (ATP) solution the SPAM problem was reduce to almost zero.

December 01, 2019
Zimbra Cloud
IEV Group