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Zimbra Daffodil

Early Access (Version 10)

We believe in the importance of making meaningful connections. Our ability to open up and share values and common interests binds us to our thriving community.

As a business email provider, we enable meaningful conversations and facilitate enterprise collaboration. You can use Zimbra’s calendar, file storage, and sharing capabilities.

Alternatively, integrate with other technologies of your choosing.Our partners and customers, like us at Zimbra, are defined by the decisions they make in life and at work.They understand the value of liberty.The ability to choose.

Zimbra Daffodil represents new beginnings.

Our goal with an agile roadmap is to meet the needs of our customers. You have a lot of options with Zimbra Daffodil (Version 10). Technology agility and capabilities help you, like the enterprises, governments, and financial institutions we work with, to be more future-proof.

Open Source Roots. Open Core Model. Open Platform.

Using a proprietary suite of email and collaboration tools can be restrictive and expensive. Zimbra’s Open Core Model enables a large community with extensive knowledge of the technology and opens up a plethora of possibilities.

Who should make use of Zimbra? Businesses that require ...

  • An interoperable platform that encourages the agility to switch between different technologies as needed in order to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • A versatile platform capable of supporting/enabling on-premises deployment, SaaS cloud, and hybrid models.

Zimbra empowers you to :

  • Examine the product source code and perform security audits
  • Deploy in cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid service
  • Mix and match with flexible and modular solutions
  • Collaborate with commercially-supported add-ons
  • Buy as needed. Pay only for features and modules your business requires
  • Maintain data sovereignty
  • Scale and adapt swiftly to evolving trends
  • Break free from the shackles of closed software
  • Leverage an extensive community of certified partners for localized implementation and support

For more information you may visit Zimbra Daffodil site.