Over the past 20 years. Technology changes happens so fast that it changes the way we live. In addition it also changes the way we work, travel and communicate.

Mobile phone changes the way we communicate. First we where only able to make voice call and send SMS. Eventually, we where able to take pictures, play games and store files. Moving forward smartphone changes the way we communicate and work. With just a single device we can now communicate, work and play.

Our team of engineers is also learning to create articles and content on technology. While also learning to improve its own technical skills. Our key focus is to ensure technology content are easy to read and understand.


TrueNAS Storage

What is TrueNAS TrueNAS is a storage technology developed by iXsystems, a company that specializes in open-source enterprise storage solutions. TrueNAS is built on top of the FreeBSD operating system and is designed to provide businesses with a reliable and scalable storage platform that can be used for a variety of applications, including data archiving, […]


Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Business Operation can be at risk if a disaster happens. Likewise disaster can happen any time, anywhere. Therefore causing unnecessary downtime and data lost. For this reason disaster recovery need to be in place. What is Disaster Recovery Disaster recovery is a plan to minimize downtime as a result of hardware or software […]