Zimbra Features

Zimbra Collaboration is an open core Email collaboration software. In addition it provides an Open, Secure and Private Collaboration Infrastructure. Suitable for large email deployment such as governments, councils, banks and colleges. In other words a scalable and secure Email system.

The architecture is built on well-known open source technologies and standards-based protocols. That is to say the architecture consists of client interfaces and server components. As a results it can run as a single node configuration or deployed across multiple servers.

Zimbra includes a complete email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks, full-featured messaging and videoconferencing. In fact this can be access within the webmail interface itself. To sum up resulting in rich user experience.

We will also be putting in more content of some key features of Zimbra.

  • Realtime Backup & Restore
  • Simplified Delegated Admin
  • Hierarchical Storage Management
  • Hierarchical Address Book
  • Zimbra Packaging System
  • Archiving & Discovery
Zimbra Features

Zimbra Modern UI

Zimbra Modern UI is a responsive user interface based on industry leading react technology. For this reason users can move seamlessly between desktop, mobile and tablet. Therefore giving a user the same experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. Hence enjoying a consistent and easy to use Email and collaboration experience. Zimbra 9 version offers the […]

Zimbra Features

Zimbra Zimlets

Zimlets is a framework that can integrate with third party applications. In effect users can access to third party apps within the Zimbra Webmail Client. That is to say Zimbra can interact with third party apps. It was build to enhance the user experience with Zimbra’s Web Client. Some of these Zimlets enhance the user […]