Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery

Business Operation can be at risk if a disaster happens. Likewise disaster can happen any time, anywhere. Therefore causing unnecessary downtime and data lost. For this reason disaster recovery need to be in place.

What is Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a plan to minimize downtime as a result of hardware or software failure. Therefore it is an important task for companies. Thus, it is also an important part of the business process to recovery in the shortest time. Sometimes important Email where accidentally deleted from the systems due to many factors. Therefore a disaster recovery comes in place to handle such situation. In other word tools and software are required to perform data recovery of the deleted Email.

Zimbra Backup and Restore

Zimbra’s realtime backup and restore backup every single items and event on your server with split second precision. Backup happens as soon as any changes is made in the system. As a result avoiding data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms. There are six restore modes available to recover what you need from a single item to and entire domain.




Benefits of Disaster Recovery Plan


A backup and disaster recovery planning ensures businesses can quickly get back on their feet after a disaster, maintain employee productivity and its ability to generate revenue.


Downtime can cause more than just a financial drain on the business, partners and customers could lose trust in a business if it cannot meet basic obligations due to downtime.


Customer need to communicate with email efficiently but competitive pressure and downtime could jeopardize business by customers moving to competitors.


Email recovery solutions ensures organizations do not have to worry about compliance violations and legal issues related to email data loss and downtime.

Zimbra Cloud

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